WOTSO Property


A Flexible Real Estate Security

A stapled group compromised of WOTSO Limited, BlackWall Property Trust and Planloc Limited.

  • WOTSO – operates flexible workspaces, largely targeted towards small to medium enterprises in suburban or regional location. It operates 16 sites across Australia and its revenue is largely derived from the use of private offices on monthly terms and memberships for the use of open-plan co-working spaces, events spaces and meeting rooms.
  • BlackWall Property Trust – is a modestly geared unit trust with a portfolio of 11 commercial properties across 4 Australian states and the ACT and has gross assets of just under $350m. WOTSO is a tenant in 8 of these properties.
  • Planloc – owns a commercial property in Penrith and has a 49% interest in a commercial property located in Villawood. BlackWall Property Trust holds a 46% interest in this same property.
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Appointment Ratios $

A WOTSO Property stapled security is made up of three separate assets: a BlackWall Property Trust unit, a WOTSO Limited share and a Planloc Limited share.

For capital gains tax purposes, you need to apportion the cost and the proceeds of sale of each stapled security over the separate assets that make up the stapled security. This apportionment should be done on a reasonable basis.

One possible method of apportionment is on the basis of the relative net assets of the individual entities.

The tables below provide the information required to adopt this method:


BlackWall Property Trust

WOTSO Limited

Planloc Limited

17 Feb 2021*




*Being the date of implementation and based on the pro forma financial statements of the stapled group, published in the Scheme Booklet dated 18 December 2020.


BlackWall Limited


Real estate company which generates management, performance and transaction fees from real estate investment structures – the largest of these is our ASX listed flexible property security, WOTSO Property.

Our balance sheet is used to secure opportunities for the operating businesses and we hold a strategic position in WOTSO Property.

Unlisted Funds

BlackWall Fund Services Limited (AFSL 220242) acts as the Responsible Entity for each of our unlisted funds. Currently, we do not have any open unlisted funds. To find out more about our unlisted funds or to register for future opportunities please get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ page.